Marksman Interactive

Marksman Interactive is a full-service advertising agency that specializes in providing customized solutions in ever evolving advertising space. Marksman Interactive is committed to helping clients achieve real, measurable results that increase traffic, improve customer retention, and create brand loyalty.
Marksman Interactive

Programmatic Marketing/Solution

We create campaign strategy and media plan. We work with Global DSPs and Our team creates a campaign strategy and media plan based on your goals.Through the use of audience targeting, the inclusion of external data sets, lookalike modeling, and the remarketing cookie, targeting based on the highest level intent can be achieved via RTB display. We're great at understanding who your audience is and how we reach them, in the right way. Registered DSP Representative
  • - Media Planning
  • - Keyword Research
  • - Landing Page Design & Development
  • - Audience Persona
  • - Interactive and Static Ads
  • - In Depth Analysis and Management

Web & Mobile App Development

Our developers can help your business develop its own website and mobile application effectively and efficiently, bearing in mind the uniqueness of each business needs.
  • - Web and APP UI/UX mapping
  • - Design and Mocks
  • - Custome Portal Development
  • - Standard and eCommerce Web Solution
  • - Logo Design
  • - Domain and SSL integration

CRM Solution

We offer you a great value through big data analysis by providing insight to your own data. It will not only help you mitigate risks, and find the best practices, but increasing revenue options, customer loyalty, and marketing impact as well!

Custom Product Development

Coming up with your own unique idea requires skilled people to bring it to life. Our team will help you create your final product with the specifications and requirements your desire.

Multi-Channel Advertising

We help you to reach the widest set of audience as possible, using various mediums to achieve your business ultimate objective in advertising.
  • - Google Display Ads
  • - Google Search Ads
  • - Advanced Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • - Snapchat Filters and Geo-Fencing Ads
  • - YouTube Instream, Trueview and Masthead Ads
  • - Bloggers and Influencer Paid Marketing
  • - Publishers Website Placements
  • - In-App Mobile Ads

SEO & Lead Generation

Our enhanced process will get you the results your business need. Your business will be more likely to be found online, attract more customers, and have more people looking for your services.
  • - Strategy & Planning
  • - SEO On-Page & Off-Page Strategy
  • - Keyword Research and Planning
  • - Tags Implementation
  • - Media Planning and Management
  • - Analysis and Reporting
  • - Customized Lead Form and Landing Page
  • - Multivariate Testing & Strategy

UI/UX Consultancy

User interface is the first and most critical aspect in a customer’s experience. It is the middle friend that is facilitating the interaction between human and digital. Marksman Interactive team provides you the best consultancy based on the understanding of human behavior.

Social Media Marketing

The only agency you’ll ever need to manage your social media accounts, effectively and professionally! We work towards realizing your business goals through an integrated and well-planned strategy.
  • - Social Media Channel Setup
  • - Creative Content Writing and Publishing
  • - Concepts and Designs
  • - Creative Videos and Animations
  • - Monthly Content Calendar/Reporting
  • - Social Media Channel Management