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#Tumhari Mahnat

There are many people in the country struggling to earn enough money to feed their families at least two times a day. They earn minimum wage which is barely enough to get them by, and when the weather conditions become tough due to too much heat or too much cold. #TumhariMehnat campaign was started with the objective of sharing the stories of everyday heroes such as milkman, newspaperman, sabzi walas, etc. who facilitate us on daily basis and get almost next to nothing for it. This campaign was specifically designed for the winter season when it gets really hard for these people to do their jobs, and to help them in whatever capacity we can.

Caltex Pakistan decided to take the lead during last winter to address the issue by presenting a token of appreciation to the highly deserving Everyday Heroes.

About #TumhariMehnat

While the winter season is a charming and highly romanticized season for many of us, it is also a time of struggle and a lot of complications for the less fortunate people. While most of us are sitting at home, warm in our blankets, or working in cozy offices with the central heating system, there are certain individuals out there working in the harsh winds, going from door to door, facilitating us.#TumhariMehnat is an initiative by Caltex Pakistan, designed under their Winter Bliss drive to reach out and help in whatever humble capacity it can, these people who get out of the comfort of their homes to provide us comfort we needThese everyday heroes are all around us in many different positions, be it a milkman bringing us milk, a traffic police managing and diverting traffic or sweepers on the roads cleaning the streets for us. But with their minimum wages, they can barely afford to wear warm clothings, let alone buy helmets and jackets to keep themselves warm in the harsh winds of winter.#TumhariMehnat campaign works to recognize and appreciate their efforts and provide a platform to people to be able to help them with the resources available at their disposal.


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